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The Team Brunner Personnel Division provides a solution for dealers looking to find qualified middle and upper level managers that fit the organizations DNA.. "I have been asked by countless dealers over the year on where to find qualified managers that will fit in at my dealership." tells Team Brunner founder Bill Brunner. The firm will manage the recruiting process from "Job Inventory" to job orientation. This unique approach begins with profiling the dealerships management team to define the skill sets that work at that dealership. "What makes a manager successful at one dealership may not work in your environment." Brunner continues.

Recruiting Process

  • Interview Dealer principal
  • Profile current successful managers
  • Develop Job Inventory
  • Provide Job Marketing Plan
  • Initial screening
  • Profile top candidates
  • Schedule interviews with dealership
  • Develop Candidate Matrix
  • Schedule offer meeting with dealership
  • Assist with competition of Employee Package

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